Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mad Francis beyond Thunderdome

Welcome to The Frad Lab, the first step in my quest to take over the internet. The name derives from my name, and the fact that I'm kind of feeling my way forward in this blogging business. I'll be writing about books, movies, music, politics - the media stuff will focus on the SF/Fantasy end of things, but not exclusively, and the politics will focus on the US, but again, not exclusively.

A little about me: I work in telecoms by day, as an industry analyst. In my free time I read science fiction and fantasy (though that's skewing more toward fantasy these days), watch tons of nerd shows (Big Bang Theory and Fringe are recent favorites) and even write a little myself. Whatever free time is left over goes to playing video games.

It's not all nerd-stuff, though: I'm looking forward to the Euro Championships in Poland and Ukraine this summer (but not the Olympics), and I'll be hitting Australia later this year. And I'm sure I'll have loads of clever things to say about other subjects. So tune in, and hopefully I'll pull off that king-of-the-internet business in no time.