Monday, 25 March 2013

Please Wait While We Resume Normal Service

A cold and a trip to Oxford with the family have conspired to keep me off the blog this weekend, but I'll be back next week, over Easter.

In the meantime, and to further delve into the capabilities of writing this blog on my iPad, I'd like to point you toward a new podcast I discovered recently, called Speculate! It features Bradley P Beaulieu, author of the Winds of Kalakhovo, talking with author and academic Greg Wilson about what's going on in the world of SF. It features book reviews, author interviews and discussions about an author's writing style, all of which are pretty entertaining. So far I've listened to their review of Red Country, and interview with Joe Abercrombie, as well as their interview of DAW editor in chief Betsy Wollheim - all full of interesting insights. Check it out, and then check in here again next week.